Friday, July 27, 2018

Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks ~ Mardi's Funpagez

Food is a necessary item in all our lives. I strive to find great recipes by fabulous cooks to share with all people of all ages and backgrounds. I hope you all will find something good to eat from the sharing of these recipes.

    Note:  I have selected websites and added Word documents to help you find recipes and learn about your health & beauty needs. The websites open in a "New" web page so you don't lose your place at Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks.

    The Word documents take a few minutes to open. You will be able to" Open" or "Save" the documents in Microsoft Word.  Please allow time for the documents to open. If you have Recipes or Health & Beauty tips, submit them on the contact form under "Contacts" in main menu above.  Thank you for any input you may have to improve or add to Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks.

    There is an additional website you may enjoy at Mardi's Funpagez.  This website is my original work that I started in 2001 - present.  Please check it out and have fun!

Mardi's Funpagez is a site full of fun and entertainment... a variety of videos, music, art, colorful backgrounds, poems, Wallpapers, and so much more. I hope to give you some smiles, laughter, joy, and inspiration when you visit Mardi's Funpagez.

For my recipe website go to:  Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks

For Mardi's Funpagez:  Mardi's Funpagez

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